FRIENDS AND FOES. We are going on a UK tour in a matter of weeks. This will be the longest time we have ever spent crammed into a metal box together, and it will be a miracle if we survive. Come see what could well be the last Closet Organ gigs ever. We have a bunch of new songs and need to recoup some of the outrageous sums of money we’ve blown doing this.

Closet Organ on Tour – 2019


We are heading off on tour in a couple of weeks, venturing south for the first ever time. We have 6 dates spread across 9 days in August. They are:

August 23rd, Friday: Verve, Leeds,
August 24th, Saturday: Clwb Y Bont, Pontypridd.
August 25th, Sunday: Pie Records, 5 Rhos Road, Rhos-On-Sea, LL28 4PP.
August 26th, Monday: Manc Rage Fest at the Loose Cannon, Manchester.
August 30th, Friday: Old Hairdressers, Glasgow.
August 31st, Saturday: Market Hall, Scarborough.

Click through for the event page where appropriate. We’re currently booking more shows for November, so details for that will follow!

Closet Organ Rises (again)

It’s been four years since we last did anything as a band, and after many drunken conversations, have decided it’s finally time to start making music together again.


This time around, we’re aiming to write and record as much music as possible – rather than just going back over older tracks forever. The idea was to come up with a new name, but we really couldn’t decide on anything better. Naming bands is a pain. This way, we get to keep our Twitter followers from before (all 62 of them).

Stephen, Keith and Haigie are all still involved, with Haigie joining the band upon his return to Scotland from the French ski slopes. In addition, we now have Lee joining us on second guitar.

Yesterday we headed into the studio to record three new tracks, which are in the process of being finished. Soon, all of back catalogue will be available online in the one place for the first time (some is already up here), but until then, here’s a track from 2012 that we never released at the time: Das Ist Der Hammer. Not for the easily offended.

Closet Organ-9197.jpg

Closet Organ-9203.jpg

Closet Organ-9211.jpg

Closet Organ-9215.jpg

Closet Organ-9213.jpg

Pictures by Lee.