Pre-Order Our New Album

Yesterday we launched a project on Kickstarter to help us fund the recording of a new album, tentatively titled ‘Pished & Fabulous’.


The bunch of us have been making music together in different guises for years, yet we have never recorded a full-length album together. When we decided to rekindle Closet Organ, this was something we wanted to change. Being able to look back at something in years to come, and go ‘we did that’ is the aim.

Rather than just do a digital-only release that would be quickly forgotten, we wanted to do something a bit more interesting… so, we are. The idea is that there will be a bunch of handmade, limited edition cassette tapes of the release, and an even more limited edition short-run of 12″ vinyl LPs (about 15 total).

The cost of vinyl production – even in small runs – is so high that it would be impossible without getting some sort of idea of the interest up front. So, we’ve opted to go down the same route as other indie bands and raise the funds through pre-orders. We’re already at £81, which is almost a quarter of the way – which is pretty awesome.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering, naming some of the tracks/album, or just want to see wtf is going on, check the Kickstarter page out here. We know that plenty of you hate us deeply, so there’s even an option to kill the band for a donation of £4,000 or above.


Stephen, Haigie, Keith, Lee. x